Hello world!

Well, here goes nothing.  Or something.  Or just maybe the best thing that could ever happen to me.  We shall see.

Whatever it is, it all started at the End of the Sidewalk.  You know, that place you get to when you realize you’re out of plans.  The end of my sidewalk popped up when my son “left home” for a 5 week summer semester at a college across the state- and I live in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG state- at the end of his Junior year in high school and I was suddenly a soccer mom without a soccer game to watch.  Yes, yes, I know…. And?!  And, deep breath in and out…. I think I lost my mind a little.

2 1/2 years later, I’m much better.  I’m finally through the hardest parts of that life changing event.  I could spend the next 5 paragraphs summarizing what I’ve been through since then, but then I could post that on one of my social pages.  Instead, I wanted to share more than that story.  I want to share my fears and worries and lessons and glories!  And this is where it begins.

So welcome to the End of the Sidewalk.  I hope you’ll sit a while and enjoy this place.  I’ve come to love it.


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