From Here to Eternity- and I don’t mean the movie

The majority of my daily commute is on I-140 between Maryville and Knoxville and it can be a crazy ride.  They call it Pellissippi Parkway, I assume because it runs through the heart of the Pellissippi Corridor here in beautiful East Tennessee.  I’m geographically challenged so if you want to know more beyond that, I recommend you look it up… trust me.

So I was driving down Pellissippi this morning, radio blaring, singing along loud and proud (because everyone else on Pellissippi is doing crazy stuff, might as well make my crazy stuff matter), praising God that I have a job to drive to, even if it is 33 miles from home, and thanking Him for a car that is in good enough shape to get me there and back 5 times a week for the past 5 1/2 years when this song came on the radio- give it a listen when you get a free minute or three:



I could hardly sing it through my tears, but I did.  Sometimes, His grace hits me like a punch in the throat!  Lol, I am sure that someday I will come to use a more mature language, but for this post, that’s exactly how it “hit me” today.


The song reminded me of a conversation we had in my church’s Square 1 class this past Sunday (it’s during our church service and it’s like church with questions- YOU get to ask them!).  One of the facilitators gave us something to consider and I’ve elaborated on it here for you to consider, too:

  • If the Bible says that before we were formed in our mothers’ wombs (Jeremiah 1:5), even before the foundations of the earth (Ephesians 1:4), He knew our names, He knew our paths, and every detail of our lives, and


  • If the Bible also says that in Christ we have eternal life (John 3:16)- ETERNAL, meaning forever times infinity, meaning after this crazy, sloppy, selfish world passes away, we will spend eternity with Him in glory, forever free from the pain and suffering we endured in this world, then


  •  Can we work on wrapping our minds around the fact that we’ve literally been on His mind forever?!  He has known our stories for all of eternity and knows how this story ends so it’s safe to say He knows what He’s doing and is using our struggles simply as a way to show us how much we need Him AND to show us that we can trust Him to keep His promises!  No matter what comes our way today, we can stand on the truth that He really does have our backs!

This song brought every ounce of that into the light for me today – here’s a small but HUGE section of the lyrics-

He calls me:

  • Chosen!
  • Free!
  • Forgiven!
  • Wanted!
  • Child of The King!
  • His Forever!
  • Held in Treasure!
  • I. Am. Loved!


I hope as you make your way through the day that you remember the most important message in all of this:

Make no mistake, He knows YOUR name!

(And mine…)

I love that.


Peace, y’all.


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